Monday, February 17, 2020
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Best Tools to Repair Corrupted JPEG/PNG Photos & Images

Photos and Images may get corrupted sometimes. And, you photo editor will pop up a message that the file cannot be opened as it corrupted. In most common situations, images and other...
MS- Word

Best Alternatives to Microsoft Word

When we use one thing or process again and again then we get habitual of it. And, when that particular thing not work properly, we think that we are stuck. This is...

How to Clear your Web History from Popular Browser

Whenever we start our system. We start browsing just with the starting of the system. Today Social media is our life and most of us spent so much time on social media....

Best Ways to Repair & Extract Invalid ZIP Files Free

Data corruption is the most common issue faced by people. Data corruption can happen to anyone on any computer at any time. And, most of the time our important files also get...

Best Tools to Check USB Drives Used on your Computer

The USB connectivity is very common these days. Now, the days of Floppy, CD or DVD has been flown. A lot of computer devices and gadgets uses USB drives to connect to...

Best Programmes to View Any Type of File

There are so many file formats are available these days. Then it quite difficult for anyone to view the file. We are very habitual of some formats only like PDF, DOC, JPG,...