How to Search Multiple Search Engines at Same Time?

We have already discussed so many times about the search engine. Today we will talk about Multiple search engines. Means how to use multiple search engines at the same time. Whenever anyone talks about a search engine first name comes in mind is Google. Google is the most famous search engine and has near about 90% share of the whole search engine market. After Google, Microsoft also contributes to a search engine near about 4%.

Of course, there may be some slight differences of opinion over a favorite search engine as opposed to the one that gets used most often. Google is the default choice in popular web browsers like Firefox and Chrome. Most users just use whatever the default is and do not bother, or do not know how to change it.

My favorite search engine is of course Google. I have been using Google since the day I started to use a computer. Most of us do the same if we are searching for something then we say just Google it. Whether it is any kind of matter. If a do not find something on Google than I used to give up. Because this is set in my mind if Google can not tell me then any one else.

But, the reality is somewhat different. You may find it on another search engine. Look every search engine has its own top search list and it is not same. This is our mindset that will find the same search results when we are searching on multiple search engines. But on average, if you did a Google search and then a Yahoo or Bing search using the same search words, they will actually not be the same.

Use of Multiple Search Engines

It is said that 70% of the first 100 results you get from each engine you try will be different. If you think about it, this makes sense because each company will use different code and search algorithms as well as differing in their ways at filtering useless or undesirable content, etc.

What could be of use sometimes then, is physically performing a search in multiple search engine. There might just be that one website that shows up in one and not the others which could make the difference. So, do not you think so it will be great to use more than one search engine at once? Now you are probably thinking, Is it really possible.

Well, fortunately, there are some ways that you can. It saves your time and you will get more results in less time.

Here are result may be many. But, some of them are pretty good and easy to use. Let us say SearchBoth, easiest way for your searches. It lets search you both Google and Yahoo simultaneously.

SearchBoth– Multiple Search Engine

It is a multiple search engine. You can search on Google or Yahoo simultaneously. As you can see, SearchBoth says you can search both Google and Yahoo but there is so much more to it than that. The actual websites you can use to search with are; Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, MetaCrawler, Alta Vista and Web search and a mixture of any 2 can be used at a time. Simply select the 2 engines you wish to use from the “Compare” drop-down boxes, type the search words into the box and hit Enter or press the magnifying glass.


Users of large and wide monitors will love when the results are shown because what you get is both search engine results in the same window side by side, a bit like using Aero Snap-on 2 browser windows.

By default, searchboth auto enlarge the results page of whichever result the mouse is haunting over to cover about 3/4 of the page. So, if you haunt over the right-hand results, those will expand to fill 3/4 of the area and vice versa. If you want to split the in 50-50 then simply click the red “lock” button or tick box if the red arrows are not present.

At the bottom, you can see the list of the countries. There are 18 countries to choose from. There is also the common option to narrow the search to specifics by using the Images, Videos, News, Shopping, etc buttons which will only show those types in the results. In addition to the standard web searches, there is also a number of other searches available which are access top left.

SearchBoth 1

Here is a quick rundown:

  • Travel – Find hotels and flights using Expedia, Price-line, Hot-wire, Cheap tickets, etc.
  • Apartment Rentals – Find property using Right Move, Property Finder, Home24, etc.
  • Local Search – Search for names and addresses with Yellow pages and Super pages. *( Star means it seems too useful for the USA only)
  • Dictionary – Search for words and meanings with and
  • Encyclopedia – Search on Wikipedia and the Encyclopedia Britannica.
  • Jobs – Looks for jobs on Monster and Indeed. *
  • Website Rankings – Get website stats with Alexa, Compete and Quant cast.

After Google, I found it very useful. As searching on the web with two search engines is pretty good and useful. It is definitely better than one and not too much at the same time. I can not imagine how messy it is searching 5 search engines together.

Other Multiple Search Engines

Above we tell about searchboth but there are many other alternatives of it are also available. Like PolyCola,,, smart search and Web browser, etc. Here we are going to provide a list of multiple search engines other than searchboth.

List of multiple search engines:

  1. PolyCola
  4. Smart Search and Web browser
  5. Symbaloo
  6. Simul-Search
  7. Web Search Pro
  8. Search bastard
  9. Sputtr
  10. Search All

PolyCola– Best Alternative for Multiple Search Engines

In 2005 Polycola was It was chosen as Hot Site by USA Today, was talked about on BBC radio, had entries in FOX news and many more places in media and websites and weblogs. had problems with Law and Lawyers and then shutdown. Now, the existence is in terms of PolyCola.


It has the same concept as of GahooYoogle, but you can choose which search engines to search. PolyCola cuts out the time and hassle involved in searching some search engines at the same time. 

According to various online statistics, people of the world in different countries such as the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Arabic Countries, Indians, Persians, Dutch people, Spanish people, and many other different spoken language countries, use more than one search engine to search about their desired subjects. 

Web, images, videos, shopping, etc options are available. You can select the browsers for search.

With you can search the web from Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Get the top 10 results from the 3 giant engines all at once. Here you can search for Web, lyrics, games and Web layouts. It saves your time and efforts of switching.

You can search on multiple sites using It is a very helpful tool. At the top, you can see the various option. You can search for specialized topics like news, movies, and recipes. Compare prices and availability at online stores. It has near about five search engines, three directories, metasearch or much more.

All the web and Google often return the high number of results for any search. Directories divide the web into categories submitted by real people. Meta searchers conduct searches on multiple sites at once and then combine their results together.

Smart Search and Web Browser

It is a mobile browser for search and surfing the web. You can also download on your desktop as well. It will help you to find any information you are looking for by using various services and search engines.

This handy and fast mobile browser is much more convenient than other browsers like Opera, Firefox and Chrome. More than 2 million users have already tried this app. Download this app, place the icon on the main screen of your iPhone and you will never regret it.

Like Google, it Autocompletes your search query. It can be an easy choice of service for search. It is a collection of shortcuts of popular websites includes news, sports, and social networks. Very easy to manage your bookmark list. It offers fast search.

Smart visual history for fast access to the recent visited websites. Integrated readability function for transforming large articles into convenient view for reading. Interactive page with various Widgets:
Inspiring Quotes, Search Trends, App of The Week and other

Symbaloo Good alternative for multiple search engines

Symbaloo is a visual bookmarking tool that makes it simple and fun to organize the best of the web and is used frequently in education. Tim Has founded the Symbaloo in 2007. Alexa ranked it 5493 in October 2015.

Symbaloo is a cloud-based application that allows users to organize and categorize web links in the form of buttons. It works from a web browser and can be configured as a homepage, allowing users to create a personalized virtual desktop accessible from any device with an Internet connection.


Symbaloo users, which must be previously registered, have a page with a grid of buttons that can be configured to link to a specific page. The application allows users to assign different colors to the buttons for easy visual classification.

Symbaloo allows a single user to create different pages or screens with buttons. These screens called web mix are useful to separate topics and links can be shared with other users. So that you are able to make them public and can send the link via email. Symbaloo’s slogan is “Start Simple”.


Simul-Search is a one-stop, no-fuss search tool for the Mac. Nowadays, many people have more than one search engine that they like to consult for their information inquiries. It is very efficient and searches fast. And, speed totally depends on your typing speed.

Not only does Simul-Search allow you to search across 4 of the most popular search engines effortlessly at the same time, but it also allows you to save time by being able to see what each site has to offer – before you go digging deeper in the sea of information. All sites and their results are openable in Safari. All 4 can be opened in Safari at the same time as well.

Web Search Pro

Web Search Pro is an add-on that will improve web searches with your Mozilla Firefox browser. It also allows you to search the most popular search engines, databases, encyclopedias and online dictionaries in the network in various ways.

The tool allows to group your installed search engines by topic or the purpose and then search multiple search engines at a time (all result pages will open in separate tabs).

group search engines

Drag and Drop zone is so-called “a new and innovative way to search the web” works the following way:

  • Select any term on the page;
  • Start dragging it;
  • See “Search boxes”;
  • Drop your term in any you want to search in:

The “search boxes” are all based on search engines you have installed for your search box. Drag & Drop Zones can be customized via the tool settings accessed from the Tools menus.

The tool offers a high customization set of keyboard shortcuts to switch between the search engines. The tool offers numerous ways to access your installed search engines: search the web using a search box, through the context menu, keyboard-only, with the Quick Type Search popup, or using the brand new Drag & Drop Zones.


Searchbastard is an add-on for Firefox that searches multiple engines in one go, with clean search results.  The tool enhances the functionality of Firefox built-in “smart keywords” option.

You can now search multiple platforms from there too: type [that you want] in the address bar to search for the “keyword” in all search engines contained within the specified group.

You can select any page on-page, type alias and instantly see the search results in the sidebar. Search for More Search Engines: right-click on the icon in the toolbar and browse through available search engines:


Sputtr is a search result aggregator that pulls information from various sources across the web to help you find what you are looking for. It supports all major social media platforms, news sites, and even reference sites.


Sputtr looks like a keyboard with a text window. However, every “key” is actually an icon for a search tool, be it Google, Yahoo!, Digg, Technorati or 31 other options.

Sputtr is easy to use. Although the “default” Google shows up to the immediate right of the text (query) box, selection of an alternative search tool simply requires a click on the appropriate “key” following query entry.

For an instant, and highly flexible search toolset, open a browser tab for Sputtr, and go there when a search is required. You may even find it so useful, that you set it as a default start page or tab.


It is a site that allows its users to search multiple websites and access search engines simultaneously. The accessible websites on are divided by categories such as news, music, social media, videos, and more.

You can access Google, Bing, YouTube, Duckduckgo, Yahoo and multiple search engines at once. Quickly search multiple sites and 100+ multiple search engines simultaneously. This all-in-one multi-search engine combines multiple websites and all search engines in one page. Directly access all search engines in one internet start page using one time keywords.


Best Browser Internet Start page. Multi-search Web, Images, Videos, Ebooks, Shopping, Shared Files, Documents, Answers, Dictionaries and more. Use multiple search engines at the same time. Get results from a number of different alternative search engines by single keyword search., Internet’s top alternative search engines internet homepage saves your searching time. All-in-one internet web browser internet homepage. Press Ctrl+D or Cmd+D to bookmark this Multi-Search Engine internet start page.


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