Best Ways to Repair & Extract Invalid ZIP Files Free

Data corruption is the most common issue faced by people. Data corruption can happen to anyone on any computer at any time. And, most of the time our important files also get damaged. This will cause the file to become incomplete and unreadable. The same thing can happen for ZIP files where multiple files are compressed into one.

When the files get corrupted and you want to open these files. Then, you will receive a msg on your computer screen that says “Windows cannot open the folder. The Compressed (zipped) Folder ‘C:\Path\to\’ is invalid“.

But, Fortunately, we have many other options that are available. Some software is shareware and charge money. Some are available in the trial version. So, you can use any one of the options we are going to list here.

Here I am not going to give any preference for a particular method. It depends on the work. Although I like WinRar the most and used this software from last many years. But, there are some other options are also available.

Methods to Repair and Extract Invalid Zip Files Free

Don’t know how to repair corrupted or damaged Zip files or restore invalid .zip files when you cannot unzip them? Here in this article, we’ll offer you effective methods to help you repair or restore corrupted, damaged or invalid Zip files with ease. You can follow and find the method best suited to your needs to carry out.

1. WinZip Command Line

The WinZip Command Line Support Add-On contains functions that attempt to repair Zip files (.zip or .zipx). The appropriate versions are listed on and can be downloaded from the Alternative Download Links web page. If you are using a version earlier than WinZip 11.2, you can download the appropriate add-on version from the Legacy Download Links page.

WinZip Command Line

Here you need to access a Command Prompt window. To attempt to repair a Zip file:

  1. On the keyboard, press  (the Windows key)+R
  2. In the Run dialog that opens, type: cmd and then press Enter on the keyboard
  3. Change directories to the folder where the corrupted Zip file is located
  4. Type: “C:\Program Files\WinZip\wzzip” -yf
  5. Press Enter on the keyboard

Substitute the actual drive letter and folder where WinZip is installed if different than above and also use the real Zip file name in the place of The double quotes in the example above are necessary due to the space between “Program” and “Files”.

For a split or spanned Zip file, use the following command instead:

“C:\Program Files\WinZip\wzzip” -yfs

WZZIP will create a new Zip file with a FIXED suffix in the file name. The original Zip file will not be modified. Only the data in the original Zip file is used.

The FIXED Zip file is structurally sound but the data may still be corrupt. WZZIP does not fix the zipped data itself. If the zipped data has a CRC error or the zipped data is corrupt, then the resulting fixed Zip file will still be corrupt.

2. Run CMD to repair/restore corrupted or invalid ZIP files

Step 1. Open Command Prompt as an administrator.

  • For Windows 10/8.1 users: Right-click Start > Click Command Prompt (Admin);
  • For Windows7/8/Vista/XP users: Click Start > All Programs > Accessories > Right-click Command Prompt > Run as administrator.

Step 2. Change directories to the folder where the corrupted ZIP files were.

Step 3. Type: “C:\Program Files\WinZip\wzzip” -yf > Press Enter.

You can also use a real ZIP file name to replace so to find corrupted or invalid ZIP files. After following these steps, you’ll be able to find all damaged, corrupted or invalid .zip files.

3. Restore invalid/corrupted .zip files with file recovery software

This method is for those users who prefer to refer to simple methods to restore invalid or corrupted .zip files with professional file recovery software

Besides supporting the recovery of lost or corrupted Zip files. It also enables the professional file recovery to perform USB recovery, hard drive recovery, external hard drive recovery, etc. In some simple, you can restore data from complex situations.

Restore invalid/corrupted

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard will help you to restore all lost files such as .zip files or other data with only three simple steps. You can download this tool and let it help you recover damaged, invalid or corrupted ZIP files with ease now.

Step 1. Connect your device to PC.

If you lost files on an external storage device, connect the storage device to your computer firstly.

Step 2. Run this software and scan the lost file.

Run EaseUS file recovery software – Data Recovery Wizard on your PC, specify the location where you lost files and click “Scan” to scan those lost files. The scan time depends on the capacity of the hard drive or system you are using.

Step 3. Preview and restore the file.

After the scanning, you can find and double-click to preview your lost files here:

  • Delete Files: All your deleted files are listed here.
  • Drive: It loads all lost files here.
  • Lost Partition Files: Check first if your hard drive is formatted or partition gets deleted.
  • Extra Files: All files that lost names or paths on your drive can be found here.

Step 4. Choose and restore files.

Finally, select the found files, click “Recover” and navigate to save them to a secure location on your PC or another external storage device.

4. WinRar

It is a powerful archive manager. You can easily backup your data with the help of the Rar. Not only this it can also reduce the size of email attachments, decompress RAR, ZIP and other files downloaded from the Internet. You can also create new archives in RAR and ZIP file format.

It is also available in the trial version. If you want to test the software before buying it then go for the trial version. You can find its trial version in downloads.

WinRAR is developed by Eugene Roshal of win.rar. WinRAR supports creating encrypted, multi-part and self-extracting archives. RAR is a Windows-only program. It is also available for Android application as well.

RAR for Android is for Android applications. Related programs include the command-line utilities “RAR” and “UNRAR” . It is available for versions for mac OS, Linux, FreeBSD, Windows CE, and MS-DOS.

5. DiskInternals Zip repair

DiskInternals is a company. It specializes in data recovery. DiskInternals released ZIP repair as a freeware. In just a few clicks you can repair the corrupted archive file. This software is easy to use as it in the form of a wizard.

Simply select the corrupted file to recover, the location to save the repaired file. The program shows you the list of files that can be recovered.

DiskInternals ZIP Repair has built-in extraction features that allow it to extract partially damaged and restored files. It performs at a revving speed and demonstrates the high accuracy of the recovery. The program supports all major zip capabilities and reinforces your standard zip applications with an automatic recovery feature.

DiskInternals Zip repair

DiskInternals ZIP Repair is a freeware tool. Just download it, unpack and install onto your computer. However, if you face any issue or want to make the program better than you can contact its support team.

Try this software to repair zip files. You can download a full-featured freeware version of DiskInternals ZIP Repair for free.

6. Zip2Fix

It is a portable tool which attempts to recover data from corrupt ZIP files.

It is very simple to use. Click Open, choose your broken archive, Zip2Fix recovers as many files as it can. It saves the results to a new archive in the same folder ( becomes


The program also displays its progress in a log. It also allows you to see which files have been repaired, and which are still lost.

7. Object Fix Zip

It is another freeware tool. It is also very helpful to repair corrupted or partially damaged archive file. This complete process of recovery involves total of four steps. It possesses wizard-style where you add the files to be checked. This is the first step.

In the second step, you can specify the location to save the repaired file. The third one is the recovery process. And, the final step is exploring the repaired files. This program was last updated in 2008 which makes it a bit obsolete in trying to fix today’s broken archive files.

But, you can give a try to it as well. As it is good for testing, fixing and processing of corrupt or unusable ZIP archive files, that are partially damaged or not completely downloaded.

8. PowerArchiver

PowerArchiver is a combination of many useful tools. Run PowerArchiver, click on the Tools tab and select Repair ZIP. The Repair Zip Archive dialog box will open.

Here you can click on the folder icon to browse for the corrupted ZIP file that you want to repair. Click the Start button to start fixing. The fixed ZIP file will be saved under the same file name with an additional _PAFixed.


Support for over 60 compression formats. It has the fastest ZIP/ZIPX engine. ever. It also automatically compress and encrypt files in Microsoft Office.  PowerArchiver offers the best format with the strongest compression, data deduplication, and very secure encryption.

9. ALZip

All you need to do is open the corrupted ZIP file with ALZip. The program will prompt that the file is corrupted and will ask you if you want to restore the file if it can be restored. Just click the Yes button and the restored file will be saved under a new file with .repair appended at the back of the original file name.

With more support for more archive formats than any major archive utility and child’s-play ease-of-use, ALZip is ideal for computer-savvy users and first-time users alike.

Open 36 ZIP, archive and compression file formats. It can create 8 ZIP, archive and compression file formats (ALZ, ZIP, LZH, CAB, JAR, TAR, TGZ, and BH). It is also able to open CD image files.

Some Other Features are:

  1. Create SFX (exe) files for free.
  2. Split files for easy transfers.
  3. Recover lost passwords from ZIP files.
  4. Integrate anti-virus software.
  5. Automate tasks with ALZip command-line functions.
  6. Pause/Resume Zipping files.
  7. Control CPU usage with background/foreground compression/ extraction.
  8. Extract large ZIP64 files.

The intuitive and user-friendly interface turns beginners into archiving experts in minutes. If you can click, drag and drop, you already know most everything you need.


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