Best Programmes to View Any Type of File

There are so many file formats are available these days. Then it quite difficult for anyone to view the file. We are very habitual of some formats only like PDF, DOC, JPG, GIF, JPEG, etc. Each file comes in several different individual formats. And, it becomes tricky for the average user. Because the file has an extension they have never seen before.

If we talk about an image then we will find out that there are several hundred different types of image file formats. And, the point is most of us are unaware about the fact. We only knew a few formats that are JPG, JPEG, PNG OR GIF.

It makes a good deal of sense to use as few programs as possible to take care of as much as possible. For instance, it is much better to use a multi-image viewer that can handle displaying as many types as possible. Rather than a program that can handle just a few. Let us take an example of Photoshop. You will not buy Photoshop just because you want to view a PSD file.

For a PSD file, you know there is software available. You will prefer software rather than purchasing a photoshop. A similar principle applies to any type of file you wish to view. Whether it is images, multimedia files, office documents, etc. Here you also going to choose a single software rather than separately for each file format.

Here are some best programs to view any type of file:

Free software which is able to support the displaying of many different types of file is less common. But, everything is possible to find out if you really want them. There are also some utilities available for free.

There are many different types of files that you can open with multiple categories of software. For example, image editors open the photo and graphic files. Word processors open document (or text) files, PDF software opens PDFs and presentation applications open slideshows. Most software packages are typically restricted to opening one or two types of files. But support numerous formats for their file types. For example, most photo editors open JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, and other image formats.

Universal Viewer

Universal Viewer is one such utility and has support for viewing a large array of different file formats. This list has over 40 types of the most common image and graphic formats. Extensive support for more than 150 types of music or video file, several different text and document files. Such as MS Office, Open Office, Adobe PDF, Rich text, etc. It also supports website or webpage related files like HTML or CSS.

Universal Viewer also supports adding extra formats using the same plugins that are used by the popular file manager Total Commander. This software is available Free and Pro versions. But BE WARNED that the installer downloads the InstallIQ manager during the install process. And offers several pieces of adware which you need to Decline.

There may also be some tick boxes that need clearing as well because InstallIQ slightly changes what it offers every time you run the installer. You will not face any such kind of issue in its pro version.

It can be set up easily to associate all recognized files to universal Viewer so double-clicking a file will automatically launch the viewer. An integrated context menu entry to open with the viewer is also an option. But, its free version does not open Office documents such as DOC or XLS. For this, you must have Office suite installed which rather defeats the object really.


It is another software for multi-format file viewer. It is similar to the Universal Viewer. But, when the point is of supporting file formats then it is low in the list than the universal viewer. FreeFileViewer can view Office documents straight out of the box which is an advantage. It can also view slightly more non-standard files like BIN, CFG, and DAT.

The bad part of this software is it has only installer version. And, this version supports adware. Like Universal Viewer, FreeFileViewer opts for the InstallIQ adware manager which uses a combination of tick boxes and Decline buttons. So, it requires so much to take care while installing or using the software.

File Viewer Plus 3

File Viewer Plus 3 is a UFO with which you can open more than 300 file formats. This is a flexible file viewer that also comes with a batch conversion utility for converting files to alternative formats. You can use its trial version for 14 days which is unlimited.

File Viewer Plus 3 users can open a wide range of file types, such as presentation, text, spreadsheet, video, audio, archive, email, web, PDF and source code. The great thing about File Viewer Plus 3 is that it is a little more than just a file viewer as you can also edit text, web, spreadsheet and image files.

VFP 3 includes a few image-editing options for cropping, borders, color adjustment, and quick effects, and the software is also a relatively basic word processor and spreadsheet application. As mentioned, File Viewer Plus 3 is batch file converter; and you can also utilize it to extract archive files, such as ZIP, RAR, 7Z, TAZ, etc.

Ultra File Opener– View Files

Ultra File Opener is software that boasts support for more than 500 file formats. The software is compatible with 32 and 64-bit Windows platforms from XP up to 10.

This universal file opener supports an extensive range of formats for text, image, audio, video, and archive file types. However, you can’t open spreadsheet, PDF, web or presentation files with Ultra File Opener. So this program opens fewer types of files than some of the alternatives, but it does include a few handy extra tools.

For instance, you can extract archive files with the software, convert file formats and it includes a download manager with which users can resume downloads. Furthermore, Ultra File Opener also provides extensive print settings for text and image documents with photo-printing templates included.

Those are four universal file viewers for Windows with which you can open a multitude of file formats for most file types, and they also include some handy additional options and tools. File Viewer 2 is the best of the bunch as it includes more extensive editing options for text, spreadsheet and image files than the others. Aside from the above listed UFO software, you can also open numerous file types and formats with the DocsPal web app.

Free Opener

You can view and open files like 7zip, Rar and zip archives, Powerpoint presentations, Torrent files, Flash animations and Outlook messages and cards among the 100 or so formats that are readable.

The InstallIQ adware manager makes another appearance here. You have to take care during the install process by unticking the relevant boxes and Declining where needed. No portable versions are available here either.

A useful feature is the ability to convert some of the more common files to different formats. For example, a Word DOC file can be converted as a Word 2007 (DOCX), Open Office, Rich text or plain text file. A JPG can be converted to a PNG, TIF, BMP, etc. Simply open the file in the viewer and choose to “Save as”.

Something else quite useful is the basic built-in editor for certain file types. For instance, the image editor will allow rotating, resize, crop, greyscale, etc, and with the document, editor text can be added and formatted with several different functions.

File Viewer Lite– View files

It is a universal file opener that allows you to open any file on your Windows PC. Simply drag and drop any file or folder onto the application icon or program window. File Viewer Lite can open PDFs, word processing documents, spreadsheets, and many other common file types in their native view. It also can play dozens of audio and video file formats.

If you have an unknown file, File Viewer Lite can open it. In the rare case that File Viewer Lite does not natively support the file format. You can still view the contents of any file in text or hexadecimal view.

You can view uncommon file types in File Viewer Lite, then copy the images or text to the Windows clipboard. File Viewer Lite displays detailed information about every file you open. You can then paste the data into another application. It even shows hidden metadata, like EXIF data saved with digital images and PDF author information.


DocsPal is a web-based free file viewer that can help users to open image and document files. The viewer supports a wide range of images and documents including JPEG, Open Office Documents, PDF, PNG, PSD and Word files. All you have to do is upload your file or enter file URL.

And, it will show you the file which means you do not have to install any software to view those files. However, it took a lot of time for this online viewer to process and show the file. If you have a small DOC file to check online, you can use this online file viewer.


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