Best 10 Websites in the World

In today’s competitive world a large number of websites has been launched from the starting of internet. Only thousands of these websites are reliable and working properly. Most of these websites are fake and spit.  In this Article we are going to provide you 10 Best Websites in the world. The list is based on the data collected by Alexa Internet and Similar Web.

Alexa Internet had been released its data on 17 Jan,2019. Alexa Internet ( is an American Web Traffic Analysis Company based in Sun Francesco. Alexa was setup in April 1,1996 and later on accomplished by Amazon in 1999. Alexa prepared top 50 websites on the basis of traffic on website after every three months.

Similar Web had released its best Websites list in December 2018. Similar Web ( Similar Web was established in 2007 in New York City. This website is generally used for business purpose. All information regarding Web Analytical Services is collected through this site for business purpose. So. Based on number of visitor’s best sites had been chosen. List of Best 10 Websites is given below. Most of these are well known websites but a few may be new name as we are talking about world’s best.  List is given below:

1. Google

Google is top Website not only in global market and also in U.S. It was established by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in California on September 4,1998. Google is the highly recommended search engine. It is not only a search engine but also provides various products and services.

Some of them are:

Message- hangout, Gmail

Social Networking- Google+,

Video calling- Duo,

Street View and Maps- Map

Data Storage- Google Drive


2. YouTube

YouTube is an American based Company founded by Steve Chen, Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley in Feb,2015. This is a popular video sharing app having Headquarter in San Bruno. Google Acquired YouTube in November,2006.  Near about 5 million videos are viewed on YouTube daily. is the 2nd most popular website in U.S as well as in Global Market. Although You Tube is an American Based Company But 80% viewers are outsiders.

 You Tube provides so many facilities. You can create your own channel to share your thoughts or knowledge with other peoples and can earn as well.

You can enjoy unlimited songs and their video in different languages. You can watch online TV and news can subscribes your favorite channels for their new videos. On You Tube you can Download your video for later use. 

3. Facebook

Facebook is also an American Company established in 2004. Mark Zuckerberg is the CEO of Facebook. Facebook is the very famous social networking site for connecting people. According to survey more than 1.4 million people access Facebook on daily basis. is 3rd best website in Global Market and 4th in U.S in 2019.

For Accessing Facebook, you have to create your profile. Search your school friends, family members and college friends. Facebook is very good engine for finding people online.


4. Baidu

Baidu is a Chinese company headquarter in Beijing. It was established in January 18,2000. Baidu is a multinational company dealing with internet related services and products and Artificial Intelligence. It is the 4th best website all over the world ranked by Alexa.

 More than 2 billion users streaming Baidu all over the world. It is 2nd highly used search engine over the globe.  Approximate 90% Chinese use Baidu as search engine.

Like Google, Baidu also provides so many information and services like flight time, weather forecasting, space information, news, videos, images etc. Baidu is the Top-ranking website of China.


5. Wikipedia

Wikipedia is widely used for knowledge-based search. In Wikipedia edit option is also available, if the content is not sufficient in Wikipedia and you are expert on that subject then you can edit. Also, you can write your Wikipedia page by following the instructions given. is the 5th best website around the world and 6th in the U.S

6. Tencent QQ

Another name of Tencent QQ is QQ.  This is message service of China. This website along with messaging provide many other services like:


Voice chat


Music etc.

Winking Penguin is the logo of this software. In the starting of July 2016 near about 890 million accounts were recorded on QQ.  QQ is the 6th ranked website over the globe and number 2 in China.

7. Taobao

Taobao is the biggest ecommerce company with more than one billion products. Taobao is the Chinese company dealing with online shopping including clothes and electronics gadgets.  User can sell and Buy products on this website.

Taobao is the 7th ranked website all over the globe and 3rd top rank website of China in 2019.


8. Tmall

Tmall is another most visited website of China. It is basically a puff out of Taobao. According to Alexa Tmall is the 8th highly visited website around the globe. Tmall is the 2nd largest e-commerce company around the Globe. According to survey Tmall has near about 500 million active users in February,2018.

Tmall ranked 4th best website in China.

9. Yahoo

Yahoo! is an Internet Company established by Jerry Yang and David Filo on January, 1994.  Web services are provided by Yahoo!. In the starting days of internet Yahoo! was popular website.  Yahoo! also provides so many services online. Some of them are:

Yahoo! Mail, Search Engine- Yahoo! search, Web Portal, Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! Answers, Video Sharing, Image portal etc. Yahoo! is highly visited for its news.

In 2016 Yahoo was ranked 6th globally, but as of January, 2019 Yahoo! is ranked 9th most visited website globally.

10. Amazon

Amazon was established by Jeff Bezos in 1994. It is most famous retail for all products. Amazon prime also provide so many benefits like free movies, books, free delivery of orders.

Near about 600 million products are available for online shopping products and this is the no. 1 site of U.S for online Shopping. Through Amazon Prime customers get discount, vast no of books ,audio and video. Amazon is ranked 10th around the globe and 3rd most visited website of U.S

These stats will change with time. Do not quote as final authority while judging Top Most 10 websites of the world.


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