Best 10 Supercars of the world

First of all, we will talk about the supercar, after that go through a list of best 10 supercars. Having a car is a great feeling of luxury and comfort. When car is a supercar then luxurious at its top level. By our collection and choice people decide our Standard. It shows that we are doing something good in our life. Everyone can’t afford a supercar. These cars are costly. Those who can’t buy these cars, they have a look at their pictures and specifications and satisfied themselves. So, lets start tour of world’s 10 best supercars with the definition of supercar.


A Supercar is a sports car or GT (Grand Tourer) having all high-level luxuries and comforts with great performance. Name supercar is given by automakers, for highly expensive cars or vehicles. These cars have a great comfort and highly advisable for a long-distance travel.

These cars only available in limited edition. Some companies who are known only for supercar’s manufacturing like Mc Larne, Ferrari, Audi, BMW, Porsche and Koenigsegg.  The cars of these companies are termed as ‘Hyper car’. ‘Hyper car’ is a car which is more superior than Super car.  Some Hyper cars are:

Koenigsegg Agera, Porsche 918 Spyder, Ferrari La Ferrari, McLaren.

Ferrari La Ferrari

Everyone takes so much interest in their favorite car. They want to know about every single detail of car. In this article we are going to share so much information regarding best 10 supercars. 

The list of 10 best cars is:

  1. Mc Laren 720 S
  2. Ferrari 488 GTB
  3. Lamborghini Huracan
  4. Ford GT
  5. Lamborghini Aventador SVJ
  6. Noble M600
  7. Gumpert Apollo  
  8. Tushek Renovatio T500
  9. Spy Ker C8 Aileron
  10. Vencer Sarthe

 Let’s start with Mc Laren 720 S in detail.

1. McLaren 720 S

Mc Laren 720 is highly Stronger, lighter and Faster. It pushes all the limits of possibilities. Mc Laren design’s inspiration is taken from White Shark. This version is highly vicious but like a shark cruelly stalking device.  External lines of the design highly helpful in reduction of Drag and in cooling engine.

Carbon Fiber monocage II are used in McLaren 720 S. This advance technology was first used in McLaren P1 hyper car.


The door opening of this super car is the most wonderful feature of McLaren 720. It have two dihedral doors that sweeps in forward and up direction like a geometrical figure. This feature make entry and exit so easy and delicate.


A most powerful M840T (i.e. Twin turbo V8) engine is used in McLaren 720S.


As the power of McLaren is high, so for response a high-level Chassis is also required.  McLaren is enabled with Protective Chassis Control II that was found during a 5-year PhD course in Cambridge. Sensor in McLaren sense in a better way for a smooth grip.


Most deluxe leather of the world is used in McLaren 720S on dashboard, headlining and rear luggage area. Iridium and Dark Satin graphite are used for finishing touch.

Specifications of McLaren 720S:

Engine:  Twin electrically actuated twin scroll turbocharges (4 lit V8)

Performance:      Maximum Speed:  341 KPH

                              0-100 KPH= 2.9 s

                              0-200 KPH= 7.8 s

                              Maximum Power = 7108 HP

                              Maximum Torque = 770 Nm

Chassis:              0-100 KPH = 122 ft

                  Suspension Type = Protective Chassis Control II, Double Wishbone, Adaptive Dampers.

                  Tyre used = Pirelli P zero

Body:        Carbon Fiber Mono Cage II

McLaren 720 S

2. Ferrari 488 GTB

Ferrari 488 GTB is an 8 Cylinder Supercar. It is known for its mysterious superfast devices. This is new series of Ferrari much better than 458 Italia. Ferrari 488 is empowered with turbocharged petrol engine.

Ferrari is a Mid-engine supercar. Its successor F8 Tributo had been celebrated in public as model of 2020 in February 2019.  ‘Top Gear’ a car Magazine had titled the Ferrari 488 as ‘The Supercar of the 2015’ and Motor Trend titles “The Driver’s car”.


For 488 a better-quality Carbon- Ceramic brakes are used. This technology was first use in Hyper car LA Ferrari.


A twin turbocharged petrol engine with power output of 493 KW is used in 488.


  in supercars drag is the main criteria which have to be minimum. Front double splitter of 488 is used for two useful functions. One is for cooling radiator by forcing air to it and second for reduction of aerodynamic drag


Engine:                Twin turbocharged V8 (3.9 liter)

Performance:      Power output: 493 KW (661 hp)

                               Maximum Torque:  760 Nm

                              Maximum Speed:  205 mph (330 km/h)

                              0 – 62 mph = 3 seconds

                              0 – 124 mph = 8.3 seconds

Chassis:                layout: Longitudinal rear mid-engine, rear wheel drive

                              Length:  179.8 inches

Body:    2- door Berlinetta

             2 -door retractable hard top convertible

Ferrari 488 GTB

3. Lamborghini Huracan

Lamborghini Huracan replaced V10. It is an Italian supercar. Huracan was launched in 2014 in Geneva Auto Show. Huracan name of the is inspired by Spanish Fighting bull. Also, from old stories it was found that Huracan is Mayan of Fire, wind and Strom.

All most series name of Lamborghini’s is inspired by fighting bull. This car is full of LED lamps which is best to use in night conditions. Huracan has optical steering LDS (Lamborghini Dynamic Steering), that changes the feeling of steering from normal to racing.  Performance of Huracan is controlled by ANIMA, a mode Selector.

ANIMA stands for Adaptive Network Intelligent Management.  Engine, all wheel drive, LDS, transmission and suspension all are controlled by ANIMA. In Lamborghini 3 accelerators and 3 gyroscopes are used for sensing.  Driver can select mode for system response like street mode, sports mode or racing mode.


Audi/ Lamborghini V10 engine with a capacity of 5.2 liter for the generation of Maximum power 449 KW.


All- wheel drive system of Huracan is electronically controlled, that increases the overall performance of the supercar. This car has 7- speed dual clutch transmission system. The action of transmission is according to selection of mode. Huracan is available only with automatic transmission.


For more comfort Huracan has so many options.  Car has navigation system and enabled with 3D computer graphics, google earth, GPS and Multi Media Interface (for example Dashboard Controls and Menu).


Engine:  Audi/ Lamborghini V10 engine (5.2 liter)

Performance:  Maximum speed = 212 mph (341 km/h)

                           0 -60 mph = 2.5 seconds

                            0 – 186 mph = 27.6 seconds

                          Maximum Torque = 560 Nm

Body:  2- door coupe and 2- door convertible. Longitudinal with mid-engine and four-wheel drive.

Lamborghini Huracan

4. Ford GT

As the name of car tells about the manufacturer i.e. ‘Ford’. Fort GT is the model of 2005 that again started in 2017.  Ford GT is an American two-seater sports car. Every supercar has their unique features. GT has superplastic in its unique feature.


  Frame of this car is formed by Superplastic.

            Body Panels: Aluminum

            Floor Panels: roll- bonded

            Center Tunnel: Friction Stir Welded

            Gas Tank: Ship in a bottle

            Engine cover: Aluminum

            Inner Panel: Carbon Fiber

            Door Panels: One- piece

            Fuel filler: Cap less


longitudinal rear mounted modular V8 engine with capacity of 5.4 lit, Dry Sump (total power = 410 KW)


Engine: V8 engine (5.4 L), Dry Sump

Performance: Maximum speed: 205 mph (330 km/h)

                        0 – 62 mph: 3.8 s

                        0 – 124 mph: 12.3 s

                        0 – 186 mph: 44.3 s

                        Maximum Power: 410 KW (550 hp)

                        Maximum Torque: 678 Nm

Body: 2- door coupe and 6 – speed manual transmission.

Ford GT

5. Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

Technology in the world is so high, example of it is Lamborghini Aventador. Technical path is full of challenge but Lamborghini never compromise with comfort. Aventador model is example of this. As the tag line use here ‘Real emotions shape the Future’ amuses with the idea and technology used in machine.  What kind of competition may be there if emotions are real than nothing is impossible.


in today’s technology everyone wants light weight products, either machine or phone or TV etc. Aventador understood this and ultra-lightweight materials are used for high performance. These requirements make Aventador SVJ exclusive and peerless. Light weight and performance are main criteria during design.

Design features are:

Front is completely reestablished.

Biggest side skirt

Omega shaped rear wing

Appreciable aerodynamic sketch

Featherlight carbon Fiber chassis


Carbon fiber technology is in trend. Aventador also use carbon fibers in manufacturing of doors, seats, central tunnel console. Leather and Alcantara gives a luxurious touch to interiors of the care.  Each part used in Lamborghini Aventador is a masterpiece of technology. SVJ is the first car of company that have all the top technologies of engineering. 

Steering system is controlled by LDS (Lamborghini Dynamic Steering) controls all four wheels. Whereas LRS (Lamborghini Rear – wheel Steering) is used to distribute torque among front and rear axle. Lamborghini Magneto Suspension manages the vehicle’s Dynamic part. LDVA 2 system of this car collects all information from the car’s starting platform and then determines excellent settings for driving any situation.


Engine: V12, 60 degree

Performance:     Maximum speed: 350 Km/h

                        0 – 62 mph = 2.8 seconds

Transmission:           4WD with haldex generation IV

Chassis:        Carbon fiber with aluminum front and rear frames.

Body:              Engine Bonnet: Carbon Fiber

                        Front Bonnet: Aluminum

                        Rocker Cover: with increased air inlet

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

6. Nobel M600

A British supercar made by Noble Automotive. It is made with stainless steel and carbon fibers. Twin turbocharged Yamaha V8.

Engine: M600 uses Twin turbocharged Yamaha V8 with a capacity of 4.4 L. this engine is also used in Volvo XC90 and S80. Electronic fuel injection system is used in M600.

Performance:      Maximum Speed: 346 km/h

                              0 – 60 mph: 2.9 second

                                    0 – 100 mph: 6.5 second

                                    0 – 200 mph: 29.8 second

                                    Maximum Power: 485 KW

                                    Maximum Torque: 819 Nm

                             Fuel Capacity: 68 L

Design:  each and every car is made by hand in England for fulfillment of customer’s requirements. Carbon fibers. Currently M600 is not competing with other supercars. But this car is highly exclusive. super car.  Highly impressive with a great power.  This car is hand built so that customer can choose whether want leather, suede or Alcantara. Twin needle stitching backs either of same color of contrast.  Seats of M600 are made by light weighted carbon fiber. Seat either are of natural carbon or painted to match external part.

Nobel M600

7. Gumpert Apollo

 Gumpert design this sports car in German. Due to bankruptcy in 2013, manufacturing of Apollo was stopped.

Design: Apollo is completely Street legal. Fiberglass or carbon fiber panels along with tubular chromoly framed two-seater supercar. Apollo is a mid-engine, rear wheel drive supercar. Weight of Apollo is in between 1100kg and 1200 kg. in 2018 this car ranked on 8th place for street legal vehicles.

Engine:  Audi V8 engine bi – turbo intercooled with a 4.16 L. Dry Sump lubrication is used.  Every cylinder head has five valves per cylinder.  Four oxygen sensors are used to take care of gas mixture, and catalytic converter.

3 engines are feasible for Apollo:

Base type: Near about 478 KW

Sports type: Near about 515 KW

Race Type: Near about 588 KW

Performance:      Maximum speed: 224 mph (364 km/h)

                              0 – 62 mph = 3.1 s

                              0 – 124 mph = 9.1 s

Doors:                  Gullwing doors

Transmission:     7-speed sequential Manual

Gumpert Apollo

8. Tushek Renovatio T500

Tushek is an Austrian supercar. V8 engine is used with total capacity of 4.2 L generates a total power of 450 hp.

Performance:      Maximum speed: 192 mph

0 – 62 mph = 3.7 s

0 – 124 mph = 11.5 s

Maximum Torque: 318 Nm

      Design:                Wheels: Forged Aluminum with center locking system

                                    Rear Wing: Carbon Fiber

                                    Adjustable pedals and steering,

                                    Adjustable length wise seat.

                                    Brakes – Carbon Ceramic

Tushek Renovatio T500

9. Spyker C8 Aileron

Spyker Cars a Dutch car automaker built Spyker C8 in 2000. Spyker is a sports car. The design of this car was taking from Spyker Silvestri V8.

Engine: Audi V8 engine is used with a capacity of 4.2 L, total power generation 391 KW.

Performance:      Maximum speed: 322 km/h

                              0 – 62 mph: 3.7 second

Doors:                  Scissor

Body Style:          2 – door convertible

                              2 – door coupe

Transmission:     Getrag 6 – speed Manual

                              ZF 6 – speed automatic

Spyker C8 Aileron

10. Vencer Sarthe

A Dutch supercar built by Vencer.  Vencer built this first automobile.

Design: 24 hours of Le Mans racecars inspired this model of Sarthe has automatic rear spoiler. Carbon fiber are used for body and inside panels.

Vencer Sarthe

Performance: Maximum Speed: 338 km/h

                        0 – 62 mph = 3.6 seconds

Engine:          Supercharged V8 engine with a capacity of 6.3 L



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