Best 10 Cities of the World

It’s quite difficult to select best 10 cities. Because every place has its own significance. Reader’s Choice Award’s in 2018 conducted a survey on so many cities. According to voting by people they prepare to 2 lists. One for small cities, and other for big cities. In this article we will take a tour of only bet 10 big cities. List of top cities is big but we talk only about best 10 cities.

These are:

  1. Tokyo, Japan
  2. Kyoto, Japan
  3. Melbourne, Australia
  4. Vienna, Austria
  5. Hamburg, Germany
  6. Sydney, Australia
  7. Singapore
  8. Paris, France
  9. Barcelona, Spain
  10. Vancouver, B.C, Canada

Every city is unique in its features and creativity. Some are famous for their beautiful architecture whereas some are famous for their natural beauty. Now start our tour to these cities in brief.

1. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is the Capital of Japan since 1869. Officially Tokyo is known as Tokyo Metropolis. From 2014 Tokyo ranked most Populous city in the universe. And in 2018 japan again topped the list of best cities. In 1603 Shogun Tokugawa named Edo to Tokyo, and formed Edo his headquarters.

History of Tokyo:

In 1868 Emperor Meiji made it Capital. And in 1943 Tokyo was termed as Tokyo Metropolis by merging of Tokyo Prefecture and City of Tokyo. Mostly Tokyo is referred as a city but officially Tokyo is ‘Metropolitan prefecture,’ which makes Tokyo unique. Tokyo city has 23 Special Wards. And the population of these Special wards is more than 9 million. Whereas, total population of Tokyo Metropolis is more than 13.8 million.

Prefecture part of Tokyo is World’s most populous metropolitan range.  This most populous area is termed as Greater Tokyo. Population of Greater Tokyo is more than 38 million.  International Financial development Index ranked Tokyo 3rd two times.  Fuji TV, Tokyo TV, Nippon TV, Tokyo Broadcasting System and Tokyo Asahi are the different TV networks of Tokyo. Therefore, Tokyo is known as home of TV networks.

Global Economic Power Index Ranks Tokyo First and Global Cities Index ranks Tokyo 3rd. Tokyo ranked first in various categories by TripAdvisor.

These categories are:

First in helpfulness of locals and in cleanliness.

First in Nightlife, shopping and local transport.

In 2015 Tokyo was termed as most live able and 11th most expensive city in the world. Tokyo is the safest city ranked by Safe Cities index. Out of total 60 cities Tokyo top the list.  Tokyo is also famous for its education. Olympics, seminars, summits are also held in Tokyo by time to time.

1967 – Summer Olympics

1979 – G-7 Summit

1986 – G-7 Summit

1993 – G-7 Summit

Tokyo will host:

2019 Rugby World Cup,

2020 – Summer   Olympics

2020 – Summer Paralympics

In west Nishi- Tama, a place with full of mountains and not suitable for living purpose. Mount Kumotori is the highest mountain in Tokyo. Lake okutama is largest river of Tokyo.

Some islands of Tokyo are:

Izu islands: a group of volcanic islands.

Ogasawara Islands:  from north to south. Minami Torishima – Easter most point and Okinotorishima- Southernmost point.

National parks:

In 2008, near about 36% area of prefecture was assigned to Natural Parks. There are so many Parks some of them are: Chichibu Tama kai, Fuji – Hakone – Izu

National Parks – Meiji no Mori Takao, Quasi Park, Hamura Kusabana, Sayama etc.

Museums of Tokyo:

Tokyo National Museum, National Museum of Nature and Science, Shitamachi Museum, National Museum for Western Art. These Museums are situated in Ueno Park. This park is Popular destination to view. Tokyo is also famous for studios, Japanese movies, TV shows, web comics, video games, animated series, comic books etc.

Tokyo Japan

2. Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto is also a city of Japan, officially known as Kyoto City. It is the capital of Kyoto Prefecture situated in Kansai area. Before Tokyo, Kyoto was the capital of Japan for near about thousand years. In History Kyoto was the largest city of Japan. But later Osaka and Tokyo takes the place.

If talk about trade then Kyoto takes 9th place in 2015. Kyoto is most famous place for tourism. It is a religious place. Kyoto has 2000 religious places, in which 1600 Buddhist temples and 400 Shinto Shrines. Kyoto has Palaces, Gardens and Architecture sites that attracts tourist.

Famous Temples are:

KIyomizu – dera, a wooden temple, Kinkaku – ji – Golden Pavilion temple, Ginkaku-ji – Silver Pavilion temple, Ryoan-ji – Famous for its rock Garden. Famous Shinto shrine – Heian Jingu

Famous Palaces:

Kyoto Imperial Palace and Sento Imperial Palace – homes of Japanese Emperors. Katsura Imperial Villa – finest Architectural site of Japan, Shugaku-in Imperial Villa- have Best Japanese Gardens. ‘Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto’ are world’s best heritage site listed by UNSECO in 1994.

Kyoto is also famous for its delighted food. It is the religious city and known for Buddhist temples, so variety of vegetables found here.

Kyoto is famous for festivals that held for more than 1000 years and attracts tourists.

Aoi Matsuri: held on every May 15.

Gion Matsuri: held on July 17

Bon Festival: held on August 16, lighting fires on mountains

Jidai Matsuri: shows Kyoto’s past celebrated on October, 22

Kyoto Japan

3. Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is the capital of Australia. After Tokyo, Melbourne is the most populous city. Its population is near about 5 million which is near about 20% of total population of Australia. Citizens of Melbourne are known as ‘Melburnians’.


Melbourne was founded in 1835 and name of city in honour of British Prime Minister in 1837. Queen Victoria declared it a city in 1847 and in 1927 became the permanent capital of Australia. In Asian – Pacific region Melbourne is the leading financial center. Global Financial Center ranked it 20th.  

Many cultural Institutes of Australia are located in Melbourne like as, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne Cricket Ground. ‘Royal Exhibition Building’ of Melbourne is listed in World Heritage. It is center of Australian Contemporary dance, Australian film, TV industry and Australian impressionism. Melbourne is famous for its street art, live music and cinema.

Some annual international events are also hosted by Melbourne, like:

Australian Grand Prix, Australian Open, Melbourne Cup

1956 Summer Olympics and 2006 Commonwealth Games were hosted by Melbourne. Economist Intelligence Unit ranked it 2nd live able city of the world because of its great rating in Education, Tourism, sports, Health, Entertainment, R&D. Melbourne have 2nd busiest Airport, Melbourne Airport and busiest seaport, ‘Port of Melbourne’. Extensive freeway network in Australia and Largest Urban Tram Network of the world are held by Melbourne.

Climate: Melbourne is known for its changing climate conditions. High temperature in summer and cool in winters. Due to temperature variations Melbourne faces so many environmental issues. One big issue is Millennium drought i.e. depletion of water supply.

Melbourne is also famous for its Housing system. In the Public house are minimal where as city is full of rental housing, which sometimes make it unaffordable for public housing.

Culture: Melbourne is also famous for its culture. As this termed as ‘Australian Cultural Capital’. Major annual events and Festival are celebrated in Melbourne like music, movie, drama, art, comedy, literature, TV shows etc. Moomba: Melbourne International Art Festival, Melbourne Film Festival, Melbourne Comedy Festival all are celebrated in Melbourne. According to report of 2017 2.7 million international tourist and 8.9 domestic travelers visited Melbourne.

Melbourne Australia

4. Vienna, Austria

Vienna is the biggest city of Austria. Population of Vienna is near about 1/3rd of total Austria’s population. Vienna is the cultural, economic and political center. In European union Vienna is the 7th largest city by population. Before 20th century, Vienna was the hub of German speaking people and ranked no 1 in German Speaking in the World. But now Vienna is the 2nd largest German speaking city in the world. Berlin is the no1 city in German speaking. Vienna is situated in the eastern of Austria. Major international Organizations are host by Vienna. Vienna is said ‘the City of Dreams’.

A high-quality life is lived in Vienna.  Vienna is the most Live able city of world ranked by Economist Intelligence unit from 2011 to 2015. In 2018 ranked 2nd. In 2012-2013 UN – Habitat termed Vienna as most Prosperous city of the world. For international conventions Vienna was number one destination place in between 2005 to 2010. Vienna attracts nearly 6.8 million tourists every year. Not only UNSECO but citizens of city also opposing this construction.


Vienna have over 100 museums, altogether attracts more than 8 million tourist every year. Popular Museums are: Albertina, Belvedere, Leopold Museum, Kunsthistorisches Museums There are also more than 100 art museums, which together attract over eight million visitors per year.

Vienna Austria

5. Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg is the 2nd biggest city of Germany. Total population of 1.8 million. Metropolitan area has a population of more than 5 million. Hamburg lies on River Elbe. In 2016 Hamburg ranked 18th for live ability.  Hamburg is known for Science, research and education hub. Hamburg is famous for theaters and musical shows.  This garden is maintained by University of Hamburg. There are more than 40 theatres, 60 museums and 100 music clubs. 18 million people visited exhibitions, cinemas, cultural sector and museums.

Hamburg Germany

6. Sydney, Australia

It is the most populous city of Australia. Citizens of Sydney are known as ‘Sydneysiders’. According to June 2017, approximate population of Sydney metropolitan is 5 million which is near about 65% of total Sydney more than 250 different languages are spoken. Approximately 46% of total population are outsiders. This make Sydney 3rd largest foreign-born city in the world. one is London and 2nd is New York.

Sydney is one of most expensive cities in the universe.  Sydney is on the 10th rank in terms of living quality. World Cities Research network categories it in Alpha World City. University of Sydney was Australia’s first university founded in 1850, is the leading university. Sydney also has oldest library of Australia State Library of New South Wales. Sydney is the 15th top most visited city by tourists in the world. 2000 Summer Olympics was hosted in Sydney.

So many tourists come Sydney to see City’s landmarks. Sydney Harbour, Royal National park, Royal Botanic Garden and Hyde Park are the oldest park in the Sydney. Opera House is listed in World Heritage.  Sydney has one of the oldest airports. Sydney has largest and busiest station was built in 1906.

Sydney Australia

7. Singapore

Singapore is officially known as Republic of Singapore, Situated in Southeast Asia. Sir Stamford Raffles founded colonial Singapore in 1819. Through the World War 2 Japan occupied Singapore. Singapore became an independent nation in 1965. Although Singapore lack in natural resources but make unforgettable development so fast.

Singapore is known for education, finance, health care, innovations, logistics, manufacturing, technology, trade, transport and tourism. This city is termed as ‘Technology ready nation’ and top International – meetings city with best Investment potential. Singapore is world’s Smartest city as well as World’s Safest City. Singapore is the 2nd most competitive city and 3rd corruption free city.  Singapore have 3rd biggest Foreign exchange market, 3rd biggest oil and refining Center. Singapore is 5th most Innovative city and also has the 2nd busiest port. Singapore is ranked most expensive city by The Economist since 2013. Changi Airport of Singapore is the best Airport with world’s best airline ‘Singapore Airlines’.

Human Development Index ranked Singapore 3rd largest GDP per capita. Total population of Singapore is 5.6 million, out of which nearly 40% are foreigners having permanent house. English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil are spoken in Singapore. Singapore has largest religious diversity. Singapore is member of East Asia Summit, Non-Aligned Movement and Commonwealth Nations.


8. Paris, France

Paris is the Capital of France, with a great population. Paris is the hub of finance, fashion, arts and commerce. Paris is the 5th in terms of GDP. According to Economist Intelligence Unit Paris is the 2nd most expensive city of the world. Hong kong, Zurich, oslo and Geneva are less expensive then Paris. Whereas Singapore is the most expensive. Paris have two international Airports, Paris – orly and Paris Charles de Gaulle (Europe’s 2nd Busiest Airport). Louvre is the most famous museum of world, situated in Paris. This museum was ranked most visited museum in 2018. Eiffel tower is the most famous tower of Paris. Paris is the 3rd most visited destination place of the world. 

 Annual French Open Grand Slam Tennis is hosted by Paris. Paris also hosted Olympic games in 1900, 1924. FIFA World Cup of 1938 and 1998. Rugby World Cup- 2007, European Championships in 1960. 1984 and 2016. Summer Olympics will host in 2024. A famous Bicycle race tour de France host in every July in Paris.

Paris France

9. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a city of Spain and capital of Catalonia. Barcelona is the most populous city. Barcelona is famous for economic, trade fair, cultural activities. Commerce, Science, Arts, fashion, media, education, entertainment etc. are main source of GDP and help to recognize as World’s major global city. 4th most powerful city in terms of GDP. In 2009 Barcelona was ranked 4th for ease of doing business. In 2011 Barcelona is the Smart city of Europe. Barcelona – EI Prat Airport deals with near about 50 million passengers every year.

Barcelona Spain

10. Vancouver, B.C, Canada

Vancouver is one of the top 5 cities around the world in terms of livability (Quality of life). Economist Intelligence Unit ranked first in world’s most well – living cities. Vancouver hosted many International Conferences and events.

World Police and Fire Games – 1989 and 2004

Winter Olympics and Paralympics – 2010

FIFA Women’s World Cup – 2015

Vancouver, B.C, Canada

You can suggest cities of your choices in comment box, we will add them in our next list. You can also suggest the topic in which you want best 10.


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