Wednesday, December 11, 2019
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How to Search Multiple Search Engines at Same Time?

We have already discussed so many times about the search engine. Today we will talk about Multiple search engines. Means how to use multiple search engines at the same time. Whenever anyone...

Best Tools to Measure Length, Width & Height of your Computer Screen

Whenever we look at any object, the first question came is of its size. Although size is not that important sometimes we want to know the size for curiosity. And, sometimes we...

Best Tools to Repair Accidentally Closed Windows of Internet Explorer

In our last article, we have discussed Google Chrome. That is, tools for repairing accidentally closed windows. Today, we are here with the same topic but for Internet Explorer. If you have...

Best Tools to Repair Accidentally Closed Windows of Google Chrome

There are so many browsers available nowadays. Every day so many pages and blog come in existence. Some of the famous web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Edge, and even Internet Explorer....

Best Way to Recognize Foreign Language & Convert it to Your Desired Language

Language is the most important way to share your thoughts. If we understand to understand anything or anyone then language plays a unique role. There is so many time of hundreds of...

Best Ways to Remotely Turn on your Computer from LAN & WAN

Remote access may have so many benefits. If you use remote desktop, remote file access, or other server software, you may leave your computer on at home or work when you leave...